Jesus is the image of the invisible God.

Jesus came to Earth, from heaven, because God loves you. Jesus is alive! He is our perfect and patient creator. He is our kind, and loving shepherd. He is a perfectly holy and just king. He is a generous friend. Jesus gives real rest to the weary and true hope to the hopeless. He is always inviting us to draw near to him.


About 2000 years ago in Israel, Jesus was born to a young Jewish woman named Mary. Despite his humble, country-side beginnings, his life was far from ordinary. In fact, it was perfect. Jesus is the only man that has ever lived a perfect life. Despite his fantastic miracles and uncountable good works, Jesus’ greatest victory was triumph over death itself. Though Jesus was blameless, he still chose to die in our place. The Son of God walked among us, died to save us, rose from his tomb, and is coming again as the king of all!